How to install Clean Drive, Login & Start Your Scan

To use Clean Drive, you do not need to install anything. Instead, you can log in and use the software from any device with your browser.

You can also install Clean Drive on a mobile device and also install Clean Drive inside Google Workspace.

How to Login to Clean Drive

When you click the log-in link you will be presented with a pop-up (screenshot below) showing the next steps and you can click the Sign in with Google button to create your Clean Drive account.

What to expect when you sign into Clean Drive with your Google Drive account.

Then you will see the Google login form where you can select your account you would like to login with.

Select your Google Drive account.

Last you will be asked to give the Clean Drive app access to your Google Drive account by clicking continue. This will let Clean Drive scan your account to show you what can be cleaned up.

Grant permission for Clean Drive to access your Google Drive files.

Then you can review the terms and privacy policy. If you agree, select the checkbox and click the blue button, Agree and Continue.

Agree to Clean Drive's Terms & Privacy Policy.

How to Start Your First Scan

Now that your account is created, you will see a page like the following that lets you pick what you would like to scan. You can scan your entire account by selecting My Drive and then Start the Scan. Or if you have the Premium subscription, you can select one or more shared drives to scan as well.

Select what what files to scan in Google Drive.

Once the scan starts you will see the progress of the scan as shown below.

Shows the scanning progress

You will also receive an email when your scan completes. Then can view your storage usage, view & delete duplicate files, bulk delete files, use filters and more.

caution Note: When you scan your files with Clean Drive, it takes a point-in-time snapshot of the files. This means if you change the files in Google Drive (i.e. delete, rename, move) after the scan completes, Clean Drive will not show the changes. In order to see the changes in Clean Drive, you will want to click the Scan Again link on the top right of the summary page.