View Your Folders by Size

With the Clean Drive app, you can view your folders taking up the most space in your Google Drive account. After scanning your account, you will be taken to the summary page, where you can see how your storage is used across your entire Google Drive account. Then you can view the Folders “larger than __ MB” category, shown in the image below.

Google Drive Folders by size category

You can click on that category to view the folders larger than 1MB, where it will display your largest folders first. Or, if you want to see folders larger than a specific number of megabytes, you can type in a different value. Then your largest folders in Google Drive will be displayed.

Largest Google Drive folders

When viewing your largest folders, you will see the folder name and the folder’s location on the left. On the right, you will see the number of files and folders directly in the folder and the storage used and the folder owner. The file and folder count shows the number of files and folders directly in the folder and does not count nested files or folders.

If you click the folder name, you will be taken to Google Drive, where you can look at the files in the folder.

You can also use the filters button (top left) to limit what folders are shown on this page. For example, filters can help you see old large folders or folders inside a specific folder or both.

If you would like to delete specific folders, you can manually select them or use the select icon on the top left of the page and then click the delete button to remove them.

It is recommended to look at the guides for deleting & bulk deleting and using filters, as these apply to every category, including large folders.