Frequently Asked Questions

How can upgrade my plan to unlock features?

You can upgrade your plan by visiting or by clicking on your user avatar at the top right of the page after logging in and selecting Upgrade Account.

Can I use Clean Drive with multiple Google Accounts?

Yes, you can select which account to use when logging in. Once logged in you, can switch your Google account by clicking the My Account button and selecting Switch Account. Each Google account requires a separate subscription.
Animated image showing steps to switch google drive accounts

Does Clean Drive work with Google Photos?

Clean Drive does not currently find and delete duplicate files in Google Photos. However, Clean Drive does find duplicate photos that exist in Google Drive.

Can I use Clean Drive with iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, S3, or other cloud storage?

No, however we hope to offer this service in the future.

How long will it take to scan my Google Drive account?

The speed at which Clean Drive can scan your files depends upon many factors. The rate at which Google provides the data and the number of accounts scanning can impact the time it takes. As a reference, we have seen processing times in the range of 400,000 to 1,000,000 files per hour.

How can I view a copy of my invoice or receipt?

You can view a copy of your receipt at any time by going to the billing dashboard at or clicking the My Account buttonu003e Manage Billing.
You may click any date from your billing history to load that specific invoice/receipt in your billing dashboard. When your invoice/receipt loads, it will allow you to download a PDF version of your invoice and receipt.

How do I cancel my plan with Clean Drive?

You can view your billing dashboard by going to or clicking the My Account button > Manage Billing (screenshot below). You can change your plan, update your credit card information, or cancel your plan on this page.
Shows how to get to the billing settings screen

How do I install Clean Drive on my device?

There are a few different ways to install Clean Drive, depending on the device you have.

Go to the app listing in the Google Play Store and click install.

Google Drive add-on:
Go to the app listing in the Google Workspace marketplace and click install.
After installing the Google Drive add-on, there will be an icon in the right sidebar of Google Drive (screenshot below). You can click the icon to open up the Clean Drive sidebar.

Shows where to open the Clean Drive app in Google Drive

Desktop / Chromebook / Android / IPhone / IPad:
You can bookmark or go to that domain anytime to load the app. The app can also be installed as a PWA (progressive web app), making it possible to open the app more like a desktop application. Google has installation directions explaining how to install the PWA version of Clean Drive.

How do I remove Clean Drive’s access to my Google account?

You can remove third-party access to your Google account by following the steps to manage third-party apps & services documented by Google. The basic steps outlined on Google’s site are the following:

1. Go to the Security section of your Google Account.
2. Under Third-party apps with account access, select Manage third-party access.
3. Select the app or service you want to remove.
4. Select Remove Access.

Is the Clean Drive app safe?

Yes! It is wise to be security conscious when granting permission to third-party apps, and Clean Drive takes security very seriously. We have taken many precautions to prevent data breaches and misuse, such as encrypting private data, in-transit encryption and user isolation, among other things.

Our motivation is to help you organize Google Drive, and we will not use your information for anything other than that.

To find your duplicate files, organize your Google Drive files and provide you with the ability to remove unwanted files, Clean Drive requires full access to your Google Drive account. This access is granted upon login to Clean Drive using Google’s provided method for data access. The Clean Drive app has gone through numerous Google security reviews to request access to your account, and you should feel safe using Clean Drive.

Our written guarantees in the privacy policy and terms spell out how data is handled and help relieve concerns.

Can you delete my account and associated data?

Of course, submit a request via the feedback form after logging in to Clean Drive. We will gladly remove all data associated with your account.

Can I scan Shared Drives using Clean Drive?

Yes, as of May 23rd, 2022, Shared Drives in Google Drive can be scanned. The full features of Clean Drive can be used with one or multiple Shared Drives. Scanning Shared Drives includes finding duplicate files on a single Shared Drive or across Shared Drives, which was a highly requested feature. Filters can also be used to drill down to specific folders in Shared Drives.

I have thousands of duplicate files. Can I limit the results to files that are in a specific folder?

Yes, you can be selective with the files you view in the Clean Drive app, and you can do this on any page that displays your files. For example, if you go to the duplicate files page and click the action button and then filter, it will show a dialog giving you options to select the type of duplicates you would like to see (screenshot below).

Filter Dialog for selecting Google Drive files to view

If I use Clean Drive to delete files in my account, can I get the files back?

Deleted files are moved to your Google Drive trash and kept there for 30 days. You can view the files and restore them from there if you would like.

Can I delete every file in my Google Drive account?

Yes, Clean Drive makes it easy to remove every file from your Google Drive account. Just go to the Custom View page and select a file size greater than -1, which displays all of your files. Then select the Action Button and Bulk Delete. If you want to remove files you own but still have access to files shared with you, select yourself as the owner in the filter dialog.

Why does my storage space not reduce after deleting many large files?

There are a couple of reasons your storage usage will stay the same after deleting files in Google Drive.

When you delete files, they are moved to your Google Drive trash and kept there for 30 days. When files are in your trash, they still count against your storage usage. To free up this space, empty your trash by going to and then clicking the “empty trash” button.

Empty trash button in Google Drive

The storage usage graph in Clean Drive (screenshot below) will report what Google believes your storage usage is. However, after deleting a large amount of data from your account, Google will often take up to 24 hours to update your usage statistics.

Google Drive Storage Usage Summary

Why are there files that I cannot delete in Google Drive?

When using Clean Drive, you might receive a message like: Could Not Delete File. You have read-only permission to this file, and it cannot be removed from your Google Drive account.

Google Drive cannot delete files with read-only permission

This happens when someone shares a file with you but gives you read-only access, or you have opened a publicly shared file. Since you do not have write permission to this file, Google has chosen to prevent you from making any modifications to the file.

However, there is a workaround where you can hide the file from your Google Drive account by finding it in the Shared with me location, right-click the file and select remove. This hides the file from your account, but you technically still have access to the file. If you open the file again (by going to the direct link), it will show up in the shared with me folder again.

I wish Clean Drive could ________?

If you have a feature request, please reach out via the contact form. Many current features have come from suggestions from Clean Drive users, and it also helps us prioritize the most desired ones.