Clean Drive News June 2021

Jun 28, 20211 min read
Clean Drive News June 2021

Clean Drive News

Happy June! I hope everyone is getting out, enjoying the summer and not overheating too much.

Speaking of overheating, Clean Drive had some of that this year. Behind the scenes, I have put a lot of focus into the servers & infrastructure. I have made some drastic optimizations and changes to put Clean Drive into a position where it can handle growth for years to come. Even though the world is getting hot this summer you can rest assured that the Clean Drive servers are running nice and cool while helping manage and organize over 1.7 billion files for you all.

Feature Spotlight

  • Bulk Delete. This makes it easy to bulk delete all your files in your Google Drive account or specific ones (such as duplicate files). The real power in this features comes to play when combining bulk delete and filters (both found under the action button). By using filters you can quickly find all files of a certain type and delete them with a simple click. I've seen accounts delete over 13 million files without breaking a sweat.

Recent Updates

  • Website Additions. I added an FAQ page and Blog posts to help you find the information you need to use Clean Drive's full capabilities. Moving forward, this is where I'll be adding additional content.
  • Speed / Infrastructure improvements. I mentioned this already but it was significant. There were many database optimizations, queues, servers added, auto scaling capabilities, load testing, CPU optimizations, a complete re-write of the user facing website (from Wix to Gatsby/React), load balancing, increased monitoring and more. Oops, I totally geeked out. Sorry!
  • User Interface Changes.
  • When viewing files, the folders are displayed in a cleaner format while making it easy to drill into the folders in Google Drive.
  • The storage usage summary pie chart now shows "other" usage for things such as Google One family accounts using storage space and other various things that Google doesn't document that may be taking storage space.
  • Each category on the Summary page was updated with new graphics to make for a cleaner customized theme.

As always, thank you for using Clean Drive and enjoy your summer!